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Here is my list of 10 Reasons You Know You’re Ready-to-Go!

1. Everyone who crosses my path – family, friends and strangers alike – all say the same thing, “The baby’s still in there, huh? You’re carrying so low!”

2. With the heat wave on the east coast… I am now sweating in places I didn’t know it was possible to sweat from!

3. None of my maternity pants fit anymore. I’m down to dresses and skirts.

4. The hospital called to confirm Tuesday. (Oh yes, the 17th has been marked on my calendar since THANKSGIVING!)

5. I heard my husband tell his boss on the phone yesterday, “Audrey just looks like she could go at any minute.” (I don’t know what the “look” is… but it is.)

6. This past Tuesday, my doctor asked me what kind of contraception I plan to use after the baby is born. Yes… contraception. I’m just thinking about having my baby. Nothing more.

7. I actually packed my bag for the hospital. You know – just in case I go early.

8. My husband has taught my parents how to turn on and maneuver XBOX and Wii. Not for them, but for my boys… while we’re at the hospital.

9. My 2 oldest guys are asking me every night, “Is Henry coming tomorrow?”

10. The fridge has been stocked with Coor’s Light for the homecoming. (Thank you, honey.)

* 1 Reason we still may NOT be ready… the bassinet, clothes and bedding are still up in the attic. And I haven’t gotten my butt to Target yet for the infant diapers, bottles, binkies and new blankies. Note to self – GO TONIGHT!*

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Yesterday I had one of those experiences about which you can laugh hysterically… after the fact.

You know what I mean?

I took William to his karate class, and brought Alexander along, too. All 3 of us had to use the bathrooms before class began. So we booked it real quick to the restrooms.

The only restrooms that were unlocked were the “kid” bathrooms. Oh yes, that means stalls that even I am taller than (I’m 5′ tall) and toilets that are about 1 foot off the ground.

So being 8 months pregnant, you can imagine how fun this was.

William decided to go all by himself in a separate stall, “like a big boy.”

Alexander had to come in with me.

As I turned to lock the stall, I noticed it was busted. It wouldn’t latch. So I showed Alexander how to hold the door shut so nobody would get in.

I tried to make it like a “big adventure” for him… I guess that was my first mistake, asking my 2-year-old to hold the door shut while Mommy went to the bathroom.

Well, guess who decided to let go of the door and run off to play in the sink while I was going to the bathroom?

Oh yes, Alexander.

And guess who had to lunge at the door mid-(TMI alert!)stream to grab the door?

Oh yes, me.

I could hear William laughing from his stall and saying, “Look Alex, Mommy peed on the floor!” (Remember, I’m 8 months pregnant… there are some things that cannot be stopped when you’re at this point.)

And my 2 boys thought it was, hands down, the funniest thing they had ever seen and said.

So I quickly finished up, began to clean up the little mess… and as I was doing it some other moms started to come in with their kids.

I was on the floor with paper towels, cleaning up. What could I do? What could I say?

(Oh Alex, honey I’m so sorry…) I actually said, “My middle guy is just learning to go potty and he had a little accident.”

That’s right, I blamed my son.

Of course, every mother gave me that “oh-we-have-been-there-with-our-kids” smile and asked if they could lend a helping hand.

I assured them I had it under control.

But really, I’m not so sure about that! 🙂

– Audrey

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I’m 30 weeks pregnant. That’s right, 10 weeks to go.

Actually only 8 1/2 weeks to go since I am having a planned c-section a week and a half early.

Apparently having a baby every year for 4 years in a row has wreaked a little havoc on my (shall we just say) “down there.”

So as I’m ringing in these last weeks… I’m beginning to crave some things from my “old” self.

Here’s the list:

(1) Coors Light. 2 of them. Or 3, 4, 5, 6…
(2) Sushi. Ahh… sushi. Tuna rolls, spider rolls or ANY special from Ruby Foo’s in NYC.
(3) Swordfish. Lobster. Tuna. After all, I do live in RI, the Ocean State!
(4) FULL COLOR BLONDE DYE JOB. You know, to match my sons.
(5) Margaritas. On the rocks, with salt.
(6) Running. Hard running.
(7) Swimming. Like actually being on a Master’s Team swimming.
(8 ) Spray Tans. Oh yes, no sun for me… spray me up, baby!
(9) My clothes. Oh, my clothes that I spent so much money on while living in NYC. You haven’t been touched… or some of you even de-tagged! I will be seeing you soon.
(10) Heels. My 4 inch heels. All sitting in my closet in a perfect row.
(11) Sledding. Ice skating. And skiing.
(12) Bikinis. ‘Cuz this mama ain’t wearing a bikini 8 months pregnant!

So here’s my 12.

And let me just say… being pregnant William, Alexander, Benjamin and now Henry has been a blessing, a privilege and a joy beyond joy. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for my boys. There is nothing I would not give up. Nothing.

But I’m ready for these boys to see another side of who their “mama” is!

And yes, for all those family members who keep asking me… I haven’t been daunted yet by pregnancy and will do this at the very least – one more time.

We’re just going to put a few years between Henry and that baby-to-be! (Wink! Wink!)

And honey… Number 13, well… that’s between you and me!

So mamas (or mamas-to-be) out there, what are some of yours? When you were pregnant or while you are pregnant… what do you miss?

– Audrey

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Jody, our Pinks & Blues Virtual Baby Shower Mama-to-Be, has a beautiful update on her pregnancy, her family, and of course, style!

(1) [Audrey] I have sort of morphed into having maternity uniforms! So tell us, do you have any maternity “uniforms” or style outfits?

[Jody] My work wardrobe has morphed into “business causal” everyday. Luckily for me, my work place tends to be on the more causal side anyway. I have about 3-4 favorite pair of pants that I alternate for work. One black pair (sliming color even though nothing about a pregnant woman is slim), one grey pair, one light tan and one darker khaki pair. I do not have a lot of “winter” tops and shirts but my sister and my friend Heidi have been kind enough to share some of their great “cold” weather clothes with me. I feel like I wear the same thing over and over again. Hopefully it warms up soon as I have more spring and summer maternity clothes.

My after work outfit is sweat pants the moment I walk into the door. I usually add a roomy sweatshirt or a tee shirt. I know, very sexy! But I am oh, so comfortable! Basically the same thing to bed.

Weekends consist of jeans, a more “fitted” maternity top and a pair of flats or Pumas if I am just out running errands. I try and stay away from my heels while pregnant but I did break out a ‘sassy’ pair for Easter!

(2) [Jane]What special activities do you and Charlie have together now that spring
is here?

[Jody] Well, let’s just say that where we live it does not feel like spring. When we left our house this morning it was only 27 degrees! It feels more like February than April.

On Monday, March 31 we received 6 inches of snow! I thought Mother Nature was playing an early April Fools joke on us. You might have guessed that we live in the Midwest, Minnesota to be exact. Last year during this same week we had a couple of days in the 80s. Not this year. Very unpredictable weather.

Luckily the sun means business this time of year and is quickly melting all of the snow
we just received. Just two weeks ago on Easter we were all sledding at my parents house on their great sledding hill. This spring has been nothing but typical as far as the weather goes.

We have had a few nice days where we have enjoyed the great outdoors. Some of Charlie’s
favorite activities include driving his “big” truck, his bike, playing street hockey (we do live in THE hockey state!), soccer and baseball. To prepare for summer Charlie takes swimming lessons once a week and we go swimming once a week as a family. He loves the water as much as his Mommy and Daddy at his age and is our little fish!

If the weather cooperates in the upcoming weeks we will take a few trips to the zoo to see the baby farm animals. Charlie is anxious to visit our neighborhood parks and has been asking when all of the snow will be gone so we can go to the parks. Every day I tell him, “Soon, very soon!”

(3) [Sharon] We know little Adeline is smiling on you and your family. Do you think (at this moment) she is sending a sister or a brother? And do Daddy and Charlie (and anyone else in your family) have a definite “feeling”!?

[Jody] I have had a “feeling” all along that I am having a boy even though this little ones’ gender remains a surprise. My theory is based on my previous pregnancies and how
I felt. With Charlie I felt relatively good which the exception of a few mornings praying to
the porcelain god and a few evenings where I left a mess on my dinner plate or in my napkin.
By the end of my first trimester I was feeling pretty good and had little to complain about except for the fact I had to wear flip flops at the end of a chilly October due to terrible swelling.

With Adeline I felt nauseous all day long and it lasted until I was just past the 20-week mark.
I would be fine one minute and the next minute I was sprinting to the bathroom. It was very different than my pregnancy experience with Charlie. I even had to go home from work ill a few times as there was no way I was going to make it through the day.

This pregnancy has been very similar to how I felt with Charlie with just a few mornings and evenings of nausea. I really cannot complain too much as I know so many mamas out there have it much worse.

On most days Charlie tells me it is a brother but once in a while he says the baby is a little sister.
Clearly, he has no idea! My husband thinks it is a boy on most days.

My Mom is really not guessing as she is has been wrong in the past and the same thing goes with
my Mother-in-law. But my Father-in-law, now that is a different story. He guessed both Charlie and Adeline correctly and both of my sister’s children right (She has two boys) and he now says very confidently that we are having a boy. I guess in about three months time we will know if he is right again!

Thanks so much Jody! We’re all following you every week of the way!

– Sharon, Audrey and Jane

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Happy Birthday Benjamin!

At 7:01am last April 4th, our lives changed forever because you entered our world!

For 38 1/2 weeks (you were 8 days early!) I referred to you as “to-be.” All of my journal entries throughout my pregnancy call you that… even when we knew you were a Benjamin Barry David.

My “to-be.” My miracle.

I had had a miscarriage a few months before I found out I was pregnant with you. The miscarriage left me feeling very sad and very empty. The only thing that got me through March, April, May, June and July of 2006 were the very thoughts of “you.” It was what kept me going each month as Daddy and I tried to get pregnant with you.

And then, on August 6th, 2006… the most blessed news of all came to me through 2 PINK LINES! I was pregnant!

And through the months of my pregnancy I talked to you and danced with you and sang to you (I know, I have no singing voice!). Your brothers kissed my belly. Daddy felt you move. And it was wonderful!

And on April 4th, 2007… you decided it was time to meet us all. And there you were. My beautiful Benjamin. And the world was as it should be… because you finally were here.

My “to-be”… my Benjamin.


I will never forget what William told me about 6 months ago when we were driving by our local church… I know you don’t remember this, but as soon as I found out I was pregnant with you, I started a Novena to St. Jude. And every night we would all pile in the car, drive to church and leave a prayer for you.

In October we all went walking down to the church… and you know what William said? He said to me, “Oh Mommy, this is where we used to drop off your prayers.” To which I replied “yes!” And then he said, “Because you were asking for Benjamin to come back to us.”

My heart soared. Yes, my Benjamin. My miracle that was-to-be… you were the answer to so many, many prayers.

And everyday when I see you… those beautiful blue eyes, that gorgeous blonde hair and that HUGE smile, my heart continues to soar.

You have enhanced this last year leaps and bounds for our family. And who would have thought you would becoming a BIG BROTHER so soon?

As I tell your brothers every night, “I love you lifetimes. I love you a million. And I love you the whole wide world.”

Thank you for being.


Love you,


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4th time around, you start to have an idea as to what you really need.

You know, in terms of maternity clothes.

With William I was working everyday at DKNY in NYC, and I needed to wear (okay… felt I did!) some cool, hip and totally-trendy clothes. So I tried my best to put together some fashionista outfits.

With Alexander I didn’t work. My cool, hip and trendy clothes were traded for sweatpants and cotton tees. After all, I WAS chasing around William at the time and I needed easy clothes.

With Benjamin I was working from home. I had my standard uniforms. Cozy cotton pants and soft turtleneck sweaters. They were my standards. And I got into the whole legging movement, ahhh… I loved it!

OK. With Henry. I have CRAVED jeans.


Let’s face it, it’s been over 4 years since I have really been able to wear a regular pair of jeans (oh-my babies, I will see you soon!).

And I need me some denim.

But! There are some things about maternity pants that I can’t stand… which is probably why I have stayed away from them… they absolutely, positively CANNOT BE TIGHT IN THE WAIST!

I have so many pairs of jeans/pants/sweats that have way-too-tight of a waist band and they really are too uncomfortable to wear.

And then…

I found them. It was like hitting gold.

The Revolutionary Secret Fit Belly Jeans from Motherhood Maternity.


I love you!

I bought a pair of them 3 weeks ago for our Easter trip to Pittsburgh. I was at the point where I had NO JEANS that fit comfortably and I didn’t want to go away with just “cozy” pants.

So I tried some of the Secret Fit Belly Jeans on… and… (well, cue the music) it was amazing. They actually felt, dare I say it… cozy, soft and comfy!

The top of the jeans are seamless. How beautiful is that word? Seamless.

That means no tight waist. Nada. Nothing.

So… I did what every pregnant mama would do (please say you would!), I went out and bought another pair of jeans.

And then another.

And today… I went and bought another.

I can’t get enough of them. I have dark wash. Light wash. And capris.

They rock.

Thank you Motherhood Maternity for the Secret Belly Fit. Thank you.

I am in love. And if you have any more new styles coming out, I’m there!

– Audrey


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Sugar HIGH!


Today I went for my Glucose Test for this pregnancy.

Oh, my.

Even though I have had this test done 3 other times, I can never get used to the taste of that damn drink!

I cut it short this time… my time period to get this test done was between March 5th and April 1st. Considering I had the stomach flu last week, I held off.

(For the sake of the poor technician who may have had to clean up a mess after me!)

But. Ugh.

I still have that orangey-zangy-tangy taste in my mouth.

Yumma’. Yumma’.

ps – Birthday countdown week for Benjamin. Friday is the BIG day! My little guy will be turning 1!

– Audrey


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