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Cars, Dinosaurs and Trains.

Learn to love them. Learn to play with them. Learn to be as excited about them as your boys are!

Cars the movie. Lightning McQueen. Doc Hudson. Sally. Mater. Mack. Ramone.

Dinosaurs. All kinds. I mean, all kinds. Stegosaurus. Tyrannosaurus. Ichthyosaurus. Megalosaurus. What they ate. Where they lived. How big, how strong. We’re into the Imaginext Mega T-Rex right now. The green one. The orange one. And the red one.

Trains. Thomas in particular at this house. But don’t even, for an instant, leave out James. Percy. Molly. Spencer. Duncan. Emily. Toby. We’ve got the little trains. Miles of track. The actual ride-on Thomas Train with track. It’s crazy Thomas Train here at our house.

And I must say, I’ve learned to love all of this. All of it.

I love racing McQueen and Mater and Sally (oh good, a girl!) around the coffee table with the boys.

I love making jungles from leaves and branches for the dinosaurs that inhabit our yard.

And I love building towns along our Thomas Train Track route… even when the boys sometimes destroy the track in mere minutes after it’s built.

I love it all.

And the funny thing is, I never imagined I would get this much enjoyment from these total BOY things. But truth be told, to see my boys light up when Mommy is playing cars, dinos and trains… it’s the best thing in the world. The best thing in the entire world.

I may not be showing them how to apply blush. Or decorate a Barbie Dream House. Or braid hair. Or play “princess” dress up.

But I can make a mean train track around the living room!


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