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I had such a wonderful time reminiscing and sharing my story about the first time I learned I was pregnant (with my oldest, William) that I wanted to share my special Two Lines story for Alexander, my middle son.

Let me start from the beginning of our “Alexander” story…

On November 19, 2004 my husband lost his best friend Dimitri Gavriel while he was defending our country in Iraq.

My husband Matt met Dimitri (or as we called him, Dimi) when they were freshman at Brown University. From the minute they met, they were friends. Dimi and my husband were, in fact, 2 peas in a pod.

Matt and I actually moved to NYC after I graduated from college because Dimi was living there, working as an investment banker.

But after 9/11 he felt he had a higher calling to our country and that he needed to enlist into the Marines.

A hero always, and a hero he will be forever.

We got the news of Dimi’s passing close to 11pm on November 19, 2004. As anyone can quite imagine, it shook my husband and I to the core.

This was the man that I considered to be my husband’s brother (both have only sisters)… this was the man who was supposed to come home.

William, who was only 2 months at the time, was the only thing that got us through this difficult time. Here we were with this beautiful baby boy… and we just needed to keep going. He was our guiding light through this time. The reason we smiled everyday.

And so, it was towards the beginning of December 2004 that Matt and I started talking about having another baby.

We knew William was just an infant, but we felt celebrating life right now would be the best tribute to Dimi.

We went to visit Dimi’s grave in Arlington Cemetery on December 29th, 2004.

We left him photos of William, we told him how much we missed him, and I wrote him a little note to send us another healthy baby.

On January 29th, 2005 – exactly a month later – I started to notice that my belly had popped out a bit.

Hmmm… Could it be???

I had just started to get my period back from having William, and I was hoping that when I thought I was ovulating, I actually was… so I bought a test.

I remember my husband was sitting at our computer and I said to him, “Do you think I should wait a day to take this test, or take it tonight?”

My husband said, “Whatever you feel is best.”

OK, as any woman can relate, I couldn’t wait another second!

So I went into the bathroom, did my thing… called for Matt to bring William into the bedroom as I waited… and then I went in alone to see what the test said.

And there they were –



And that is My Two Lines story for my beautiful Alexander Dimitri… one of the loves of my life.

This story will always be special to me because I feel to this day (and will always) that Alexander was a special gift to us from Dimi. I felt he wanted William to have a brother, something that he and my husband were to each other.

Thanks to MomsBlogging.com for hosting the “Two Lines” stories, which got me thinking about my stories again!

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